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Systemic sclerosis associated with increased incidence of multiple sclerosis

Previous studies showed inconsistent results on the association of systemic sclerosis ( SSc ) with multiple sclerosis ( MS ), and are limited by a lack of adjustment for sex and age.
The goals of this retrospective cohort study were to evaluate whether systemic sclerosis is associated with increased incident multiple sclerosis independent of sex and age.

Researchers enrolled patients with systemic sclerosis from Taiwan's Registry of Catastrophic Illness Database and referent subjects from the National Health Insurance Research Database.
Each patient with systemic sclerosis was matched to at most three referent subjects by sex, age, month and year of initial diagnosis of systemic sclerosis.

The study enrolled 1171 patients with systemic sclerosis and 3409 referent subjects.

Patients with systemic sclerosis had higher incidence of multiple sclerosis than referent subjects ( 9.35 per 1000 person-years, 95% CI=6.86-11.85; 0.13 per 1000 person-years, 95% CI=0.03-0.37, respectively ).

Similar results also occurred in both men and women.

Systemic sclerosis was associated with increased incidence of multiple sclerosi after adjusting for sex and age ( HR: 69.48, 95% CI=21.69-222.54 ).

In conclusion, systemic sclerosis is associated with increased incidence of multiple sclerosis, independent of sex and age of the patients.
Multidisciplinary teams should guide the assessment, treatment, and holistic care of patients with systemic sclerosis to reduce its morbidity. ( Xagena )

Tseng CC et al, Prev Med 2015; Epub ahead of print